Rules & Regulations for 2020

There will be one (1) Mock Round and one (1) Preliminary Round will be conducted and supervised at each local company or district. For each of these rounds, the quiz will be carried out online via computer. Contact your local BB captain/officer for specific dates, times and details of the quiz.

The time frame for each rounds of the quiz competition is as follows:

  • Mock Round opens from 7th February to 12th April 2020
  • Preliminary Round opens from 17th April to 3rd May 2020

 Each participant is required to register online via the official competition website to represent his/her local company (e.g. 1st Ipoh Company) within time frame of each of the respective rounds. The Mock Round does not require registration. There will be an online registration form for the Preliminary Round.

Only the Score from Preliminary Round will be tabulated and sent to the respective local company's email address and State Commissioner. Participants who have obtained 1st, 2nd and 3rd place from each State will automatically qualify for the National Finals which will be held during the BB Pesta 2020.

However, if any of the 1st-3rd positions are not filled in a State(s) for the National Finals, the State Council will be given the right to select the next most qualified individual(s) to represent the State team (This is known as a wild card spot). 

All qualified participants for the BBM National Bible Quiz must be enrolled in local company's Senior Section during the year the quiz season begins.

For the Mock Round, there will be twenty (20) questions. The quiz will consist of multiple choice & true or false questions. A 60 min-time limit will be set for participants to answer all 20 questions.

For the Preliminary Round, there will be twenty (20) questions (Basic Level) and ten (10) questions (Higher Level). The quiz will consist of multiple choice & true or false questions. A 25 min-time limit will be set for participants to answer all 30 questions.

All quiz questions will be based on the SU's bible resource material- “Living in Jesus – Lessons from Philippians.” The details for each round are as follows:

  • Mock Round: Questions will be based on Chapters 1 - 2
  • Preliminary Round: Questions will be based on Chapters 1- 10

Purchase of SU's bible resource material, “Living in Jesus – Lessons from Philippians” for the quiz can be obtained via BB Shop website ( Contact BBM for more details.


*The structure, rules & regulations of the National Finals will be given closer to the date of the finals itself. The organiser(s) of the competition reserve the right to amend and make changes to the competition structure, rules & regulations, details etc. All judges' decisions are final.